Aveno offers a wide range of high-quality, liquid and semi-liquid vegetable oils and fats which are used in the food industry. We combine this expertise with an customer-focused approach. We strive to be at the forefront of social trends. That way, we can attain emotional and commercial satisfaction with our customers. This further expands our knowledge and consolidates our prominent presence on today's market.

Through years of experience in the field of edible oils, Aveno was able to build an extraordinary know-how and strong professionalism. We succeeded in creating a flexible concept for wholesale business, agents in the food industry and large catering companies. This allows us to daily deliver a varied product range of vegetable oils, fats, cooking oils, ingredients for bakeries and margarines in a variety of pack sizes.

Innovation and the constant improvement of our processes is our top priority.

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Our product range has more than 400 active products. This allows us to respond to the most diverse demands regarding (frying) oil, fats and margarines.

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