A dynamic team manages Aveno in a relaxed and professional atmosphere with room for personal growth & development. Aveno’s flat organizational structure provides an efficient way of communication which results in quick services to our clients.

In the world of lipids Aveno is The Doc, building upon 6 core values which define the business

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In an ever-evolving market, Aveno offers products that are compliant and ecologically conscious. We have an open mindset to assist you in navigating the ever-changing landscape of nutrition trends. You will be pleasantly surprised by the flexibility and professionalism with which Aveno can support you. This enables us to provide you with competitive prices and a commitment to future collaboration.


With a focus on being a comprehensive solution provider, Aveno ensures an extensive selection of vegetable oils, blends, fats, and margarines. Taking into account diverse culinary traditions, Aveno delivers high-quality products for both contemporary and traditional kitchens, while also supporting the development of innovative nutrition applications and possibilities for the future.

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Serving Wholesalers in foodservice & bakery, Industry and Overseas Traders, Aveno operates on the PAN-European market as an official and well known producer of quality margarines, fats and oils. Our fresh and flexible approach makes it possible to deliver any size of order within the shortest lead times possible.


Aveno contributes to every step of the food processing industry and beyond.

Applying oils and fats means:
- turning a simple potato into a real Belgian Fry
- a small piece of dough into a crispy Danish Pastry
- an empty gelatin shell into a Healthy Vitamin Soft gel
- Our oils and fats even made it to road works, car- and paper business.
Whether it is for food or other industrial purposes, one thing is for sure:

                                                                                       We bring oil to life.

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