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Bio & RSPO, bio oil

BIO – Organic

Organic products are distinguished from others by the way they are grown and produced. Using pesticides, fertilizers, growth hormones, etcetera is strictly governed or prohibited. This results in a product that is as natural as possible. In addition, this production method is better for the environment. To support manufacturers in their conscious choice, Delizio offers a comprehensive range of high quality oil extracted from organically grown fruits and plants. So they can give, by the well-known organic label, confidence and guarantees to their clients.


Because of the wide applicability palm oil is used as a raw material in many products which we consume every day. E.g. margarine, cookies, chocolate but also outside the food industry like cosmetics and the energy sector. There us thus a huge demand for palm oil. In order to provide sufficient supplies, palm plantations are forced to expand. This is unfortunately often at the expense of the surrounding woods and forests. To find sustainable solutions within these extensions the Roundtable for Soustainable Palm Oil, or RSPO was established.

Aveno contributes through its brand Delizio to a better world and therefore offers sustainable palm oil according to the Mass Balance and Segregated system. This via products consisting of 100% palm oil as well as processed in blends.

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