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Within the flavoring range, Aveno offers a lot of fats and oils in industrial packaging. These oils are among others used in the production of meat and fish, chocolate, bread and pastry products, vitamin pills, nutritional supplements, flavors, marinades, sauces, waffles and cookies, prepackaged meals and so on. Besides the most common oils such as rapeseed, sunflower, olive or peanut oil, we also offer more special variants: linseed oil, sunflower oil with high oleic acid content.

Also soybean oil IP (Identity Preserved), without genetically modified soybean. Moreover, we offer you tailor-made blends, developed in line with your production process to help improve your end product. We give Delizio Rasunsa as an example, a blend of 50% rapeseed and 50% of sunflower oil.


To fry at the industrial level, Aveno provides some blends suited for different purposes: Delizio Frit is a high quality frying oil for average use. With Delizio Chef, you have a sustainable frying oil without allergens. Delizio Platinum is designed for intens frying and over long periods. Choose for Delizio Green to fry without palm and thus the most unsaturated.

These blends are mainly used for pre-frying of potato products such as french fries, croquettes and other specialitites. But also cheese and meat croquettes, snacks, schnitzels, nuggets, fish sticks and the like, before packaging and/or freezing.

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