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For the preparation of marinades Aveno developed the Fluide range. Because of the semi-liquid nature of these oils, they are perfect as a carrier for herbs and spices. The Fluide range is 100% vegetable and contains no hydrogenated oils. The blends were developed without palm oil, and as little as possible or no lauric acid. Moreover it is GMO and allergen-free.

Coconut – Fat Blend

Because of the unique fatty acid composition of coconut oil it is mainly used in the production of icecreams and confectionery. But also in cosmetics coconut is an omnipresent ingredient. To produce e.g. chocolate paste, Aveno went looking for a suitable mix which unfolded in the Fat Blend range.

Stabilised Oils

The oils from the Stabilised range are enriched with the right mix of tocopherols to an extremely stable product for all kinds of preparations such as dressings, mayonnaise, salads, marinades and so on.

Release agents

Aveno offers a range of natural release agents based on vegetable oils. These blends are both employed in the production of release agents, for example, for the bakery industry, but also for lubrication of knives and cutting machines.

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