The journey and destination of lipid solutions: our core values

At Aveno, we like to be dynamic and efficient. Team management aspires to create a relaxed and professional atmosphere, thus providing the ideal space for personal growth of every employee. This is further enhanced by our flat organizational structure, from which both internal communications and client service are made easy and satisfactory.

Everything starts with an open mindset: we constantly adapt to the ever-changing market. Presenting our products in an ecological way, we strive to stay ahead of the competition and be a leading example. Aveno likes to stay on top of the latest nutrition trends and provide its clients with the best possible lipid solutions, catered to their very specific needs. We stick to our 'one-stop-shop' vision, providing a large range of vegetable oils, mixtures, fats and margarines.

We bring oil to life

We operate on the Pan-European market as a well known provider of quality lipid solutions (from margarines, to fats and oils). We serve wholesalers in food service, bakery, industry and overseas traders. Aveno wants to offer the highest quality products for both modern and traditional kitchens. In other words: we want to honor what works and at the same time help build future nutritional applications. Our oils and fats even made it to road works, car- and paper business. Thanks to our flexible approach, we can deliver on any size of order, even within a very short lead time

Aveno prides itself on contributing to every step of the food processing industry. And beyond. We look at both the journey and destination of our lipid solutions, as we witness a simple potato turn into a real Belgian Fry, a small piece of dough into a crispy Danish Pastry or an empty gelatin shell into a Healthy Vitamin Soft gel. We bring oil to life.

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