We are 100% supplied by green electricity

Aveno cares for the environment. That's why we strive to be as sustainable as possible. The Aveno facility uses 100% green energy and we take great pride in keeping our CO2 emissions low.

These are 5 ecological pillars we pride ourselves on:

1. Green power

Our entire 12.637 m² facility runs on green power. The roof is completely covered with solar panels. The electricity they produce runs through the 5.270 meters of electronic cables. What's more: the roof of both the warehouse and production area pass as much natural light as possible. 

Top facts:

  1. This solar system produces the equivalent electricity consumption of 297 households every year;
  2. 416 tonnes of CO2 emissions are avoided yearly;
  3. This is the equivalent of the amount of CO2 that 10.687 trees absorb every year.

2. Reusing energy

We do not heat water, we cool down machines with heat exchangers & so provide us with free hot water for heating the tanks and processing vessels that contain the stored oils and fats. The remaining heat is used to warm the office.

3. Low-emission trucks

The trucks of our logistic suppliers are registered under the EURO 6 emission standards. They adhere to the latest emission levels and are more eco friendly. Furthermore, Aveno's logistics team strives to fill up the tank cars & lorries as much as possible. Not only does this lower the logistic costs, it helps reduce the amount of trucks on the road.

4. Organic vegetable oils

By growing crops in a sustainable way, we ensure that future generations can enjoy a healthy nutrition. Plants are allowed to fully grow on their natural pace. That way, they can produce the most tasteful fruits and crops for the best quality oil. Furthermore, the farmers we work with guard the biodiversity without using pesticides nor herbicides

5. Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO)

Aveno prides itself to be a RSPO member. Our customers can choose sustainable palm oil. This type of oil is very high in demand, because of the many benefits and versatile applications. RSPO helps to grow palm oil in a sustainable way, by rebuilding forest that made way for palm oil plantations. That way, they hope to preserve the animal's habitat.

Want to know more about our product range? Or do you require additional information on the solutions that we can provide for your business? Feel free to contact us.

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