We bring your product to life in 3 steps

We offer a wide range of possibilities to provide you with an ideal packaging solution. Are you having a hard time choosing your packaging solution? Together we'll go through the type of packaging you have in mind for your product, in order to bring your product to life.

First off, we want to help you develop your own brand. Once we have determined an agreed volume, it only takes 3 steps to create your own unique label.

1. Composition

To start things off, we help you find the right raw materials for your product, depending on your need for oil, fat or margarine. Having trouble with the technical details? Don't worry. We will guide you through the available options. The possibilities are limitless!

2. Packaging

Once the composition has been determined, we come to the choice of the packaging. Wether your solution is PET bottles, jerrycans, metal cans or drums: we have it all. You can find the full range in our brochure.

With the right container selected, we provide your product with a beautiful label. You can either provide us with your own design, or we can let our internal graphics department make something unique.

3. Price

Once the specifics have been worked out, we can agree on contract and delivery conditions. Both pricing and the minimum order quantity will be discussed. To round things up, we determine the payment terms

And that's it! Your product is ready to be brought to life!

Do you have any specific questions regarding packaging solutions for your product? Don't hesitate to contact us or have a look in our brochure

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