The rise of vegetable oil

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We can't imagine our daily lives without vegetable oils. They help us to achieve different goals in the kitchen, industries, fuels and far beyond. But this was not always the case. How did vegetable oils become so popular and why?

Back in time

Vegetable oils were already part of human culture during the bronze age. They used Poppy seed, rapeseed, linseed, almond oil, sesame seed, safflower, and cottonseed for various purposes. Later around 1911 the extracted oil was refined and hydrogenated to make it solid at room temperature. They tried to mimic the consistency of natural lard. By this time it was also possible to can the oil using nitrogen gas. 

Soybean oil was discovered in China in the 1930's. Soybeans are full of protein and high in polyunsaturates. These fats can have a positive effect on your health, when eaten in moderation. Gaining popularity, soybean oil took over the US in the 1950's and 1960's.
Fun fact
Henry Ford established a soybean research laboratory. He began developing soybean plastics, synthetic wool and he once built a car almost entirely out of soybeans! 

The next big thing

The next breakthrough took place in Canada. In the 1970's, Canadian research lead to the discovery of a low acid rapeseed oil. Because the word "rape" was not suitable for marketing they changed the name to "canola oil" (Canada oil low acid). Later US farmers started mass-producing and planted huge areas during spring. Because canola oil is very thin and flavorless, it started replacing soybean oil at a record pace.

A while later we started recycling the oils, mainly form big industries like snack food factories and fast food restaurants. Recycled oil can be used as a direct fuel, it is used in the production of soap, biodiesel, pet food, cosmetics etc.

Now vegetable oils can be found almost everywhere, in every home and in every kitchen. These oils wil continue to provide a lot of benefits for our health and changed the industry. And that's how vegetable oil took over the world!

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