How often can I use my frying oil?

You can reuse your frying oil multiple times, there is no need to throw it away after one batch. But how often can you reuse your frying oil before it reaches the limit?

Regular use

Frying oil can be used up to 5 to 10 times, depending on the type of oil and the type of food you deep fry. When you use clean products, such as fries, you can reuse the oil up until 8 times.

Breaded products

When you fry breaded and battered foods, you need to change the oil after 3 or 4 times. Nonetheless, it's always important to pay attention to signs that the oil has reached its limits. It also helps to filter your oil to get rid of the leftovers crumbs.

Be sure to check for these signs of degradation: 

  • foam on the surface of the oil
  • an unpleasant or "fishy" smell that indicates the oil is "off"
  • a dark, murky color

Make sure that you are frying at the right temperature. Above 180°C acrylamide is formed, this substance can be harmful for your health. When the oil starts smoking before it reaches the desired frying temperature, it's time to replace it with fresh frying oil. 

When you use the "bad" frying oil to prepare your food, it can become soggy or greasy. In addition we also recommend separating the different types of food. You don't want your donuts to taste like fish after all!

To ensure the quality of your frying oil, never fry above 175°C!

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