Where to store vegetable oil?

Where do you keep your vegetable oil? Is it sitting on the kitchen counter or in the refrigerator? Both places are not ideal for storing a vegetable oil, but what place is?

Storage of vegetable oil

Vegetable oil is sensitive to light and long heat exposure. So keeping it next to your stove or cooker isn't the best choice. Let's explore our options.


You can certainly store a vegetable oil in the refrigerator, but it isn't necessary. Some vegetable oils, like peanut oil, corn oil & olive oil, become cloudy when kept in a cold environment. The natural oxidants in the vegetable oil will prevent spoilage, so the quality and taste will not be affected.

The kitchen counter

Keeping your vegetable oil on the kitchen counter is certainly easy, however it's not the best place to store your oil. Sunlight exposure will degrade the quality of most oils. This is why olive oil is often stored in a dark colored bottle or a thin can.

Storage room

The best way to preserve the quality of your vegetable oils is to protect them from direct sunlight and heat. This means a storage room like a basement is ideal. Don't forget to always tighten the cap on all of your oil bottles. The air tightness will guarantee the quality of the product.

Don't have a storage room or you just want easy access to your vegetable oil? Place it in a cabinet or drawer, then it's still protected from most sunlight and heat.

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